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Feb. 10th, 2014 12:14 pm
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Welcome to the community blog for the Seattle Attic Community Workshop!

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We've picked the next set of books for our informal Attic Reads book club!

Attic Reads is intended to be a fairly relaxed chance to discuss books through a feminist lens, featuring a mix of newer works of fiction and non-fiction and parts of older feminist "canon" as well as some lighter YA featuring female characters and authors.

We meet at 7pm on the 4th Friday of each month for discussion, and there is an casual reading night at 7pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

You can find these listed on our public calendar as well, and we'll be sending out reminders via our Twitter!

Right now we're experimenting with a format where we alternate monthly between more "heavy" fare and "lighter," generally YA reads.

2nd Quarter Book Schedule:

• April 25 - Inside the Shadow City (Kiki Strike #1) by Kirsten Miller

• May 23 - The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities by Ching-In Chen

• June 27 - Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Attic members can get out any necessary liveblogging/quote dropping/note-taking/etc in our Slack #bookclub channel, and feel free to update the to-read/suggestion list on our member wiki.

For those interested, here's a selection from our suggestion list for future meetings - please recommend anything we've missed in the comments!

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Previous book discussions have covered The Second Shift by Arlie Russell Hochschild and Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine.
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I've written about my choice to leave the field of chemistry in Model View Culture's Lean Out issue.

You can find it here: I Didn't Want To Lean Out: Why I Left, How I Left, and What It Would Have Taken to Keep Me in STEM.

When I decided to leave, I let go of my intention to continue contributing to the advancement of human knowledge as a scientist and a chemist. I mourned that I would not achieve my goal of changing the culture of organic chemistry, and I knew that my leaving would mean one less woman for other women to talk to, network with, and lean on for professional support. I fought feelings of obligation and squashed that nagging sense that I was letting down The Sisterhood™.

I was furious. I saw that little about my situation was fair, but there it was, and there I was.

In the end, I chose my own health and happiness and I chose self-respect.
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As you'll have gathered if you've been reading the posts on this blog over the past couple of weeks, the Attic had a Secret Santa-esque holiday gift exchange! Here are some photos from the creation of my final gift to my recipient, our lovely president:

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I also made some origami boxes using this tutorial and embroidered on the tops -

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I'd like to keep working on my book-binding and miniature-making (and sewing on paper) skills in the future, so if anyone else would be interested in a workshop where we did a project like these ones together let me know!
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I recently received the brand new MACHINE OF DEATH card game, and would love to have folks to play it with, so will be hosting a game day at the Attic! January 19th, starting at noon, going until people get bored and/or hungry.

For those not familiar with MoD, it started with a throwaway joke in Dinosaur Comics, then grew into two collections of short stories based around a machine that can predict, with 100% accuracy, how a subject will die, given only a blood sample. In the card game, players are a team of assassins that have their targets' predictions and are simply tasked with making them come true.

I will also have RoboRally, Dominion, and whatever else fits in my bag. Feel free to bring other games as well.

If the Seahawks win today (scores so far point to a good chance of that), there will be a football game at 3:30, so travel accordingly. It may be wise to wrap up early to avoid the rush leaving town.

This event is open to the public. Directions on our website.
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simple blinky LED circuit with a relay and a capacitor

A bunch of us are starting to go through the projects from the book MAKE:Electronics! We just got out of the planning/order stage and are about to jump in to the making things stage. So far, 1 LED has died valiantly in my attempts to make awesome things.
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We're hosting a class on hemming your jeans! We have one spot available for someone who needs to borrow a sewing machine and three for people who can bring them. (But if you have the time free and don't have a machine, let us know- we might be able to work something out.)

The class is 3.5 hours long with a half-hour break in the middle for snacks (provided) and stretching your legs. We're asking for a $25 fee to cover materials and food, but if you can't do that, let us know and we'll work something out. Details are at

This class is intended for people who are comfortable operating a sewing machine. If that's not you, don't worry- we're having a "Meet your sewing machine" class in late January which will prepare you for another run of the Jeans class in February!
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Goodnight station, goodnight chill,
Goodnight Khoshekh, sleeping still.
Goodnight interns, missing soon,
Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight moon.

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“The Borgias” vs. “Borgia: Faith and Fear” (accuracy in historical fiction), here have some pull quotes:

After the election this same Cardinal will be equally shocked that the Holy Father has a mistress, and bastards. Ooooh. Because that would be shocking in 2001, but in 1492 this had been true of every pope for the past century. In fact, Cardinal Shocked-all-the-time, according to the writers you are supposed to be none other than Giuliano della Rovere. Giuliano “Battle-Pope” della Rovere! You have a mistress! And a daughter! And a brothel! And an elephant! And take your elephant to your brothel! And you’re stalking Michelangelo! And foreign powers lent you 300,000 ducats to spend bribing other people to vote for you in this election! And we’re supposed to believe you are shocked by simony? That is not historicity. It is applying some historical names to some made-up dudes and having them lecture us on why be should be shocked.

Or how about:

In a real historical piece, if they tried to make everything slavishly right any show would be unwatchable, because there would be too much that the audience couldn’t understand. The audience would be constantly distracted by details like un-filmably dark building interiors, ugly missing teeth, infants being given broken-winged songbirds as disposable toys to play with, crush, and throw away, and Marie Antoinette relieving herself on the floor at Versailles. Despite its hundreds of bathrooms, one of Versailles’ marks of luxury was that the staff removed human feces from the hallways regularly, sometimes as often as twice a day, and always more than once a week. We cannot make an accurate movie of this – it will please no one. The makers of the TV series Mad Men recognized how much an accurate depiction of the past freaks viewers out – the sexual politics, the lack of seat belts and eco-consciousness, the way grown-ups treat kids. They focused just enough on this discomfort to make it the heart of a powerful and successful show, but there even an accurate depiction of attitudes from a few decades ago makes all the characters feel like scary aliens. Go back further and you will have complete incomprehensibility.
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I maded you a lolcat!

Serious gray scottish fold cat with caption

Caption reads:
2. crap i forgot this one
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Baa baa math sheep, have you any proof?
There is no objective truth
What is the system,
What are the rules?
How can you know a thing that breaks its own tools?
Baa baa math sheep, have you any proof?
There is no objective truth.
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Hey folks--

Earlier I was mentioning that I'd like other people to help test out the profile system before it goes live. Here is a guide to doing that on my development server.

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Our fundraising campaign hit the $8,000 stretch goal yesterday, and so after squeeing joyfully with everyone else at the Open House I decided to take a break from my project and make a quick pattern for one of the quotes from the Feminist Sticker Pack to celebrate. Behold!

ask me about my feminist agenda

Okay, that's more like the computer rendition of the finished product (I wish I could finish this in one night!) and this is the actual pattern:

cross stitch pattern

Floss Colors: DMC 902, DMC 376
14 count Aida, 84x56 stitches wide

Feel free to use/alter the pattern as you wish; this sizing is meant for the cheap 6.5 by 4.5 IKEA frames that I have lying around, so if you want to use 18 count fabric or want a larger piece you can just add an ironically dainty border to it?
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Chocolate chip cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven

When I moved to my most recent apartment, I picked up a Kitchenaid stand mixer. They seem to go for about $200 on Craigslist (or $400 new), are built like tanks and have a life expectancy in the decades. I was surprised at how easy it is to bake bread or other things. This recipe in particular has been one of my favorites and uses the mixer for just about everything.


Adapted from DOUGH: Simple Contemporary Bread, by Richard Bertinet

  • .25 ounces yeast
  • 8.75 ounces white bread flour
  • .75 ounces white sugar
  • 1 ounce softened unsalted butter
  • 4.5 ounces milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 large egg
Combine the dry ingredients in the mixer bowl and let it run a bit to mix them, then add the butter. While that mixes in, microwave the milk 25-30 seconds to bring it to a bit above room temperature, then add the egg to it and beat to break up the yolk. Pour the egg and milk into the mixer, and stir with the dough hook: 2 minutes on setting 1, then 6 minutes on setting 2. Scrape the dough out into a lightly-oiled mixing bowl, cover with a cloth, and let rest 50 minutes.

UPDATE: Gluten-Free variant

Instead of white bread flour, use 11.3 ounces of gluten-free flour mix (I used the King Arthur all-purpose blend because I couldn't find their bread blend) and 1 teaspoon of xantham gum. The dough won't rise nearly as much but will still be delicious.


While the dough is first rising:

  • 1 ounce softened unsalted butter
  • .5 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 cup something with texture: chocolate chips, chopped nuts, raisins, whatever you want
  • Spices to taste: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, whatever you want
With the mixer paddle, combine the butter, brown sugar, and spices until fully homogenized. Add the texture component slowly while mixing. The goal is to have the pieces coated well with sugar mixture and not too much excess.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured cutting board - it should come out of the bowl reluctantly but cleanly. It doesn't require much aggressive kneading, just squish it flat then fold the edges to the center and repeat, 10-15 times. Once it stiffens up a bit, stretch or roll it out to a rectangle about 8" by 14". It will take some coaxing to get it to stay there, and the edges will be thicker than the center, and that's okay. Spread the filling evenly over the dough, then roll up, starting with a long edge. Stretch the dough a bit as you roll, and seal it by squishing the edge into the outside of the roll.

Slice the roll into 2" slices (I can't stress enough how much the sharpness of the knife matters here) and arrange in the pan, leaving at least a little gap for them to grow into each other. I find that seven rolls fit nicely in a Pyrex pie pan. Cover again with a cloth and let rise 50 minutes.

Bake at 425F for 20-23 minutes, until the top is golden brown. Eat fresh out of the oven, or let cool and cover with your favorite frosting. I prefer cream cheese or buttercream, but go wild.

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Some folks have been asking us what we have now and what difference the results of our current funding campaign will make. We've been pretty focused on getting the physical space up and running for the time that we've been open so our equipment capabilities are fairly limited. So far we have:
  • a pleasant space for working and teaching classes of up to 10-12 students
  • a TV that we use for presentations and screenings
  • textile/fiber-related equipment like a spinning wheel, swift, and ball winder
  • one early 20th-c industrial treadle sewing machine that [personal profile] cme is working on fixing up
  • two soldering irons with holders, clamps, etc.
  • a power drill
  • miscellaneous hand tools--wrenches, tiny screwdrivers for detail work and hardware, etc.
  • a growing library of reference books
  • a scroll saw, once we get a non-carpeted area to use it in
  • a Wacom tablet.

Education and collaboration are our main focus at the Attic, so we want to provide members and students with equipment that reduces the barrier to getting started on something new. We also want to provide more experienced members with the tools that they need to carry out their projects. Our founding members' interests broadly break down into computer-based (open-source programming, digital media, and art); hardware and electronics; and various types of fabrication, including woodworking, 3D printing plastics, spinning, weaving, knitting, leatherwork, and jewelry making.

We have the equipment to do hardware work, but no electronics parts; we'd love to get some Raspberry Pis and a stock of electronics parts so that [personal profile] hypatia can start teaching hardware classes. We don't have any computer workstations in the space; we'd like to set one up so that new developers can contribute without having to set up their own development environments, and we'd like to provide video and illustration software so that members can work in digital media and remix video as desired. As far as other equipment goes, we're going to be offering sewing classes starting in January; a few members can loan machines, but having a designated Attic machine will both make the classes run more smoothly and allow members to practice those skills after they end. A machine that doubles for embroidery will save space and let our more advanced sewers do the work they have in mind. The same goes for the woodworking tools and the 3-D printer we're hoping to fund in our stretch goals--I personally have projects that I'd like to make with those and I'll certainly be leaning on the expertise of other members for motivation and help with the equipment itself.

Want to help us make this a reality? Donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/launch-seattle-attic/x/5420183. Even a few dollars helps us create this space.
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Left: undyed roving from Isis Yarns, spun worsted. Right: the same dyed roving, spun woolen. Note the difference in floof!

Close-up on the yarn.

[personal profile] memnus winds off his spoils from Knit Fit.



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