[admin post] Admin Post: The Attic is Moving, Again!

May. 3rd, 2015 02:10 pm
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The architectural firm we were subleasing our space from broke their lease with the building without warning and we were forced to move out on short notice. To compound matters, building management actually didn't know of our sublease until this happened. Fortunately, the building management company has been working really hard with us to help us secure a lease and relocate to another unit in the building.

So, the Attic is moving again!

We are slated to move some time this week. The new space is about half the size of our current space, but considering that we are currently only using half the space we have it will actually end up being a better space for us in the short term.

The downside to this is that we will have to cancel all our public events this week: Alternacoders and our regular Open House. We will, if the move goes well, resume regular events starting with Alternacoders on Monday 5/11. For more information, follow us @Seattle_Attic on Twitter.

Also, we're aware that our web site's SSL certificate is having issues! We're trying to fix that as I type this.

TL;DR: We got thrown under the bus but everything came out better than expected.
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