Pictures from the 4/27 Cross-Stitch/Embroidery on Paper Workshop!

picture of Attic members embroidering cards

Sunday I hosted an Attic workshop for people interested in learning to cross-stitch, or people who just wanted to sew on something different than conventional cloth. It was a lot of fun, and we made some pretty cool things!

I'll definitely be doing this again at some point, whether as another workshop with a designated "project" like this one or as a "sewing circle" type thing - the Attic has a whole box of supplies including embroidery floss and canvas for us to keep using. :D

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Thank you to jetts for taking photos!

paper crafts!

As you'll have gathered if you've been reading the posts on this blog over the past couple of weeks, the Attic had a Secret Santa-esque holiday gift exchange! Here are some photos from the creation of my final gift to my recipient, our lovely president:

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I also made some origami boxes using this tutorial and embroidered on the tops -

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I'd like to keep working on my book-binding and miniature-making (and sewing on paper) skills in the future, so if anyone else would be interested in a workshop where we did a project like these ones together let me know!

Project Report: Woodworking~!

My goal this year has been to teach myself to use the scroll saw I bought when I was 12 (long story, awesome parents) - it's been going fairly well, though right now I'm storing it at my family's workshop out in Carnation/Duvall, so I don't get out there to make things as much as I'd like! As the space grows I want to see the Attic become a space where we can do woodshop-y things, but for now I have plenty of other projects better suited to our beautifully-carpeted space. :3

The very first project I did with my scroll saw back in May was a set of small pine bird ornaments:

picture of bird-shaped wooden ornaments

which I then stained using food coloring:

picture of freshly-dyed ornaments drying

and strung into a garland as a gift for my grandmother. I have another set of seahorse ornaments that I still need to stain - I might end up giving them away in exchange for donations to the Attic, or tucking them into holiday cards.

My current big super-intimidating project doesn't look like much right now:

picture of partially-completed fretwork for the side of a wooden box

This is one side of a 13x13" box I am making for my cubby at the Attic. I started in July and so far have about 3/4 of the first panel finished. It's fun to do something ambitious, though, and it's a great learning experience. I can't wait to have it completed and ready to put to use (and show off :P)!

- Kristin Leigh