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Our fundraising campaign hit the $8,000 stretch goal yesterday, and so after squeeing joyfully with everyone else at the Open House I decided to take a break from my project and make a quick pattern for one of the quotes from the Feminist Sticker Pack to celebrate. Behold!

ask me about my feminist agenda

Okay, that's more like the computer rendition of the finished product (I wish I could finish this in one night!) and this is the actual pattern:

cross stitch pattern

Floss Colors: DMC 902, DMC 376
14 count Aida, 84x56 stitches wide

Feel free to use/alter the pattern as you wish; this sizing is meant for the cheap 6.5 by 4.5 IKEA frames that I have lying around, so if you want to use 18 count fabric or want a larger piece you can just add an ironically dainty border to it?
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Some folks have been asking us what we have now and what difference the results of our current funding campaign will make. We've been pretty focused on getting the physical space up and running for the time that we've been open so our equipment capabilities are fairly limited. So far we have:
  • a pleasant space for working and teaching classes of up to 10-12 students
  • a TV that we use for presentations and screenings
  • textile/fiber-related equipment like a spinning wheel, swift, and ball winder
  • one early 20th-c industrial treadle sewing machine that [personal profile] cme is working on fixing up
  • two soldering irons with holders, clamps, etc.
  • a power drill
  • miscellaneous hand tools--wrenches, tiny screwdrivers for detail work and hardware, etc.
  • a growing library of reference books
  • a scroll saw, once we get a non-carpeted area to use it in
  • a Wacom tablet.

Education and collaboration are our main focus at the Attic, so we want to provide members and students with equipment that reduces the barrier to getting started on something new. We also want to provide more experienced members with the tools that they need to carry out their projects. Our founding members' interests broadly break down into computer-based (open-source programming, digital media, and art); hardware and electronics; and various types of fabrication, including woodworking, 3D printing plastics, spinning, weaving, knitting, leatherwork, and jewelry making.

We have the equipment to do hardware work, but no electronics parts; we'd love to get some Raspberry Pis and a stock of electronics parts so that [personal profile] hypatia can start teaching hardware classes. We don't have any computer workstations in the space; we'd like to set one up so that new developers can contribute without having to set up their own development environments, and we'd like to provide video and illustration software so that members can work in digital media and remix video as desired. As far as other equipment goes, we're going to be offering sewing classes starting in January; a few members can loan machines, but having a designated Attic machine will both make the classes run more smoothly and allow members to practice those skills after they end. A machine that doubles for embroidery will save space and let our more advanced sewers do the work they have in mind. The same goes for the woodworking tools and the 3-D printer we're hoping to fund in our stretch goals--I personally have projects that I'd like to make with those and I'll certainly be leaning on the expertise of other members for motivation and help with the equipment itself.

Want to help us make this a reality? Donate here: Even a few dollars helps us create this space.
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The Attic is running a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo!

banner with various photos from the space with clickthrough link to indiegogo campaign
Find it here:

We want to accomplish the following:

  • Flooring to protect our carpet and pave the way for woodworking, dyeing, and more.
  • More whiteboard space (the mother of invention)
  • Funded scholarships to allow members who can't afford dues, event fees, or transportation to contribute their talents to the Attic
  • Shelving and storage space so that we can continue to expand our awesome library and accomodate more member cubbies
  • A complete lighting overhaul: we'll replace the standard office fluorescents with energy-efficient daylight bulbs so that our artists can see colors better and to combat SAD
  • A reserve fund to cover re-painting our space when we move to a larger location

If you can't donate, that's really okay- just tell other people why you're excited for the Attic! Help us in our quest for world domination through baked goods and warm welcomes! (With apologies to the Tiptree Bake Sale.)


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